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Sprouting Seed

Feeding Sprouted Seed

As your birds approach their breeding season, the value of sprouted seeds in their diet should not be under-estimated.  The vitamins and minerals available within a seed are stored for the seed’s own use to reproduce itself.  Once it has begun that process, that store of nutrient is released into the sprout (an increase of up to 300% over dry seed).  It is also now in a form which is much more readily available to your bird. 

Sprouts Individual

Our method for Sprouting Seed

  1. Rinse a scoop-full of good quality mixed seeds in plain water to remove dust. We use 4 parts Parrot mix to 1 part pigeon mix, or finch, dependant of species in your  flock.
    The size of your scoop will depend on the size of your flock. 
    Approximately 2 tablespoons of dry seed will double in volume after sprouting and this would be about the quantity required per pair of medium sized birds (such as quakers or cockatiels) as a daily supplement to their base diet.
  2. Prepare a weak Virkon S solution (up to 5 grams to 1 Litre of water) in a small bucket, tub or other container.
  3. Soak the rinsed seeds in this solution overnight, or for a minimum of 6 hours.
  4. Tip the seeds and solution through a large sieve into another bucket and allow the seeds to drain well.This allows you to retain the solution in the 2nd bucket for re-use, as the Virkon S will remain active for several days.
  5. Once well-drained, spread the seeds out in a flat container and cover lightly with a cloth.
  6. Leave to rest overnight.
  7. You can start processing your 2nd batch of seeds using steps 1 and 3 at any time you wish.
  8. Each day, rinse each batch of seeds again (no longer than 3 mins) in the Virkon S solution.  Rinse every 12 - 24 hours, or often enough to keep just moist but not damp.  Drain well and spread out again.  The Virkon S will reduce any fungus from forming.
    NEVER feed mouldy or fungused seed. It may cause Candida albicans attack or similar.
  9. Feed any time after the sprout cracks through the seed shell (chit).  For maximum benefit, use within 3 days of the sprout appearing.

We keep a 4 day rotation going during the breeding season, with a new tray started daily.  The tray being fed out is lightly sprinkled, on alternate days, with an additional supplement such as Spirella powder, BVM or Yeast plus Bee Pollen, or 2ml of Garlic Oil or Hemp Seed Oil.