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Flite Aviaries NQ


Flite Aviaries NQ is the private, non-commercial aviculture hobby of Kel Biddle, owner of Flite-n-Flock Avian Health Products. 

My first pair of Indian Ringnecks were acquired in 1984, in Airlie Beach.

My first real success was with the lovely cinnamon cockatiel almost 25 years ago.  Since then I have kept numerous Australian & Exotic species and had success with breeding most of them.  My current "favourites" are the Lineolated Parakeets, the Endangered (in the Wild) Golden-shouldered Parrots, Peach-fronted Conure & the RED Lory Buru sub-species,  & the Green-tailed/ Yellow-bibbed Lory, with having recently acquired a pr. of African Red-bellied Parrots & Senegals. MTRs are supplied with Class 1 Exotics.

My philosophy is to always put the needs of the bird paramount.  I provide the best nutrition available.  I am a firm believer in the fact that you need to monitor your birds closely, ie watch and learn.

We do grow a number of seeding grasses along with Ceylonese Spinach (Basella), Okra & Passionfruit for our flock. Other fruits & vegetables are served when seasonally available. Sprouted Seeds are extremely important during breeding.

Breeding is not simply having birds mating, but to produce strong, healthy, true to form chicks/birds on 'the perch'. 

ALL BIRDS offered for Sale are BRED & Raised by Flite Aviaries NQ, (parent or hand raised) unless otherwise stated.


     Birds for sale now:

                                                                  Golden shouldered Parrot


                                                                  Buru Red Lory 




     Birds coming up for sale in the future:

                                                                 Peach-fronted Conures

                                                                 Lineolated Parakeet - details to come