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Hygiene and Medicinal



Avitrol Spray

Bird, Lice & Mite Spray.

A ready to use solution for feather mites & lice.

500 ml    $25.00





 Avitrol Plus - Syrup

Broad spectrum bird wormer - add to drinking water.

Can be dosed directly to beak or crop. 

Contraindication:  Do not use in Gouldian Finches.  We have experienced no problems in doing so, but there is a manufacturer's product warning not to use in Gouldians.

100 ml     $25.00  





Avitrol Plus - Tablets

Broad spectrum bird wormer for dosing individual birds.

100 tablets    $18.00



Bird Wash

Developed specifically for caged and aviary birds. A blend of salts, natural herb oils and herbs, making it antiseptic and an aid in feather conditioning. Regular use will assist in maintenance of skin health and lustrous plumage. 

Can also be used to spray perches, nest bowls and nesting boxes to help repel mites and lice without the use of chemicals.

700 g     $25.00



Oxymav B

Broad spectrum antibiotic powder -
For treating respiratory & general bacterial conditions

100 g    $24.00




General purpose germicide containing Iodine.

5 Litre    $89.00




Water Soluble Disinfectant (Broad Spectrum Virucide, Fungicide, Bactericide).

Use to disinfect feeding equipment, sprouting seeds, etc.

At extreme dilution can be added to the drinking water of vulnerable birds.

For further information, see our article about Virkon-S.

50g Sachets    $15.00 

1Kg Tub         $130.00


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