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Over use of vitamins and minerals is not recommended and may cause it's own problems


2 Pak

Multi-strain Probiotic Protexin Ò 

Contains several strains of lactobacillus plus other probiotics.  Citric acid has been added to keep the PH level low in the drinking water.  For active health of breeding birds & racing pigeons.  Water-soluble concentrate.

200g     $38.00

500g    $84.00



Bio Booster

Formulated for Pigeons, containing Multi-yeast and Protexin ®

400g     $20.00




Bird Vitamin Mineral - Protexin®  Also known as "Pink Powder"

Contains a multi-strain pro-biotic with a blend of vitamins & minerals which may help with maintaining a balanced digestive system in your flock.

  1 kg        $23.00                      2 kg        $36.00  

  4 kg        $60.00                    10 kg      $135.00


D-3 Liquid Calcium

Vitamins A, D3 & E plus a magnesium supplement. 
Some captive birds do not eat sufficient levels of calcium, which can lead to soft-shelled eggs, poor quality egg shells and even deformed young.  Adding a calcium supplement to their water can help, especially during the breeding season.

300 ml     $22.00

1 litre      $52.00


D-3 Vita

Concentrated broad spectrum Vitamin supplement.   Easily soluble in drinking water. 

Use for optimum health and productivity, or to help reduce the effects of stress associated with handling, transport and breeding.  Do not use when birds are being medicated, as medications can reduce the vitamin activity.

200g     $25.00

500g     $50.00



Digestive Fossil Mineral

A source of activated charcoal & minerals to assist with de-activating toxins.

1kg       $25.00




Herb Extra

A palatable, water soluble blend of 11 natural herb extracts.

Developed specifically to supplement the diet of pigeons & large aviary birds.

 1 Litre    $28.00




 Liquid Vitamins

Water-soluble Vitamin concentrate ideal for caged and aviary birds.

300 ml     $24.00




Nature's Power

A palatable, water-soluble nutritional drink specifically formulated for birds in stressful situations eg racing, breeding, recovering from illness or heat stress.

An ancient nutritional drink containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from natural ingredients such as Honey, Garlic, Golden Seal and Apple Cider. 

1 Litre     $36.00 



Vitamin B12

Aids in formatting of red blood cells, promotes healthy appetite and normal growth, as well as maintaining a healthy nervous system.

B12 deficiency may lead to anemia, embryo mortality, poor hatch rates or defective feathering.

 200g     $28.00



Yeast Plus with Bee Pollen

A professionally formulated combination containing inactive yeast, brewers yeast, natural yeast and bee pollen.  It is a very high source of nutrition. 

High in protein B's (approx. 48%).  A rich source of energy suitable for breeding and parent birds who are feeding young, or during racing & moulting times.

500g     $22.00

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