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Avian Boarding

Bring your birds to Flite n Flock Avian Boarding and they will experience the same love and attention that we give our own birds. 

Bring their familiar cage, or if that's not convenient, we have flight &patio cages available for our visitors.  All our boarders are housed in a secure area.

We will usually feed a species-specific pellet diet, with a daily fresh supplement such as fruits, vegetables or sprouted seeds.  However, you can bring some or all of their own food if they are fussy eaters. 

Depending on your requirements, your bird will have the opportunity for daily exercise & interaction outside the cage if they are used to that. 


Contact us  to discuss our fee for your particular requirements. 

The fee will be dependant on the level of care and interaction required and the cost of food, which naturally is relative to the size of the bird.


The following fees are provided as an indication only:

$40.00 per week for each SMALL bird: eg Peachface, Cockatiels

$45.00 per week for each MEDIUM bird: eg Green Cheek Conures, Moustache, Quakers

$55.00 per week for each LARGE bird: eg Alexandrines, Amazons

$70.00 per week for each VERY LARGE bird: eg Macaws, Cockatoos


$20 discount per week for each additional bird housed in the same cage as the first

$20 extra per week for each bird which requires a higher level of care or interaction: eg: hand feeding or additional interaction time.